Beddington Farmlands Bird Group


Black-necked Grebe

Podiceps nigricollis

11 Records

Two displaying adults on May 24th to 25th 1993 (DAC), two adults on June 13th to 15th 1993 (GDM), one juvenile on September 13th 1993 (PRA), one juvenile on July 26th to 29th 1994 (NM, BEM et all), two first-winters on October 15th 1994 (NP, GDM), one adult winter on October 21st to 24th 1997 (PRA), one adult winter on Pctober 10th 1999 (GDM), one moulting adult calling on March 29th 2003 (GDM), one adult and a juvenile on July 16th 2003 (RDW) and one adult from July 25th to 29th 2007 (GDM), 2 adults on the main lake May 31st 2015 (NG)