Beddington Farmlands Bird Group


An irregular winter passage migrant, mainly overhead. most records involve birds on migration in October and November, as birds move from the arctic to wintering grounds on the south coast of Britain. An east sector wind, deflecting migrants from a coastal route, in combination with low cloud to bring birds low, are ideal conditions for this species at the farm. These records often involve small flocks with occsional singletons including one in the company of two White-fronted Geesed December 5th 1985 (GDM). Sightings of flocks mainly involve migrating groups in formation overhead, although a flock of 15 spent the day in the open fields flanking Mile Road November 30th 1986 (GDM). The largest flocks include 240 southwest on October 10th 1991 (RDW), 267 southwest on October 20th 1997 (PRA, GDM) 166 west on 26th October 2012 (RB) and 97 on November 8th 1992 (AG, GDM).


The first record concerned five, which flew east on December 31st 1978 (SWG) and then 15 flying southeast overhead on March 7th 1982 (DAC) (presumably these were the same as the 15 seen flying in the early hours at Frensham Ponds and east at Bexley, see London Bird Report). Most records have been since 1987 although this may be attributed to observer coverage.


23 on September 23rd 2000 was the earliest winter date and 22 on April 20th 1995 was the latest winter date.

Brent Goose

Branta bernicia