Beddington Farmlands Bird Group



Morus bassanus

Nine Records

One juvenile September 15th 1979 (DJE, IM), one juvenile overhead September 16th 1989 (PRA, NM), two (one adult, one juvenile) flew west May 2nd 1996 (RDW), one immature flew west October 5th 1998 (PRA), one juvenile low over lake and then west September 19th 2001 (GDM, PRA) one immature flew SSE between 1015 and 1030 on December 31st 2003 (GDM, JA), 3 immatures flew west September 25th 2010, 1 immature was found on the main island September 17th 2012 while a duck count was being carried out (DC), and a juvenile flew low over the lake on 14th October 2013 (PC, DS)