Beddington Farmlands Bird Group



Platalea leucorodia



9 Records

Two adults were present on 100 acre, for 30 minutes, June 1st 1982 (SJD,SPJ), two adults flew east on May 25th 1989 (RDW), one flew low over southeast at 7.30 on May 7th 2006 (GDM, NRS),  one was present on the lake for fifty minutes on December 14th 2007 (JA), one circled the south east corner of the farm on 7th May 2009 (GDM, KG, NS), May 11th 2009 a single bird was on the main island (KM), May 22nd 2014 two birds arrived from the east and were looking to land till spooked when a Red Kite arrived from the north (KG,RB), a record 19 birds were found on the main island during heavy rain September 23rd 2018 (RB) and 16 birds were seen circling the southern lake September 28th 2018.