Beddington Farmlands Bird Group


White-fronted Goose

Anser albifrons

19 Records

 All records are between December and April. The earliest record concerned two which were present on January 16th 1943 followed by a flock of 64 which flew east on February 1st 1984 ( while observers were watching the Kildeer) and then two on December 5th 1985 and 11 east on December 28th 1985 (GDM). There were 21 east on January 14th 1991 (RDW), a family party of seven on December 1st 1993 (HW), two on December 12th 1998 (GDM), two southwest on December 18th 2002 (JA) and five southwest on February 11th 2003 (GDM), 2006 was a good year with three records; 8 flew northeast on February 21st (JA), 19 flew east on October 5th (JA) and 2 on December 17th (MJN). Three birds visited the lake at 0800 hrs on October 6th 2007 (KJM). 6 birds southeast over the main lake October 6th 2010 ( RB, GP),  2 and a party of 6 on the 31st December 2010 flew North over the Sand Martin bank ( RB, FP) and on January 1st 2011 25 flew South through the farmlands, they were then observed over Buckingham Way and Wallington train station, Eight birds flew south on December 12th 2012 (GP).